Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two More Days

Only two more days and we will be going home!!!

Sorry I have not posted the last two days. We have still been out and about but we are just done. When we have returned to our room the past two days we have either just watched tv or took a nap. I will do some posts with pictures soon.

Two days ago we visited the Chen Family Temple and then went to check Makinley's TB results, which she passed.

Yesterday we visited the Guangzhou zoo and I highly recommend this. It was lovely. All of the animals were up and about so we got a lot of good pictures and video.

Today we are going back to the island to walk around and then head to the store for some last minute supplies.

Tomorrow at 8:30am is our Consulate Appointment, then we have nothing more to do until we fly out Friday night.

Like I said, we are ready to go home.