Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meeting Makinley

We are settled in back at the room and everything is going so much better than we could have imagined. Especially with how it started......

We arrived at the Civil Affairs building and waited for Ms. Zhong (orphanage adoption director) and the nanny to arrive with Makinley. We saw them come in as they were explaining to our guide that she got sick on the ride there. They tried to clean her up a little and then we were the first ones to meet our child. She started to walk out and as soon as she saw us she started to walk backwards. Ms. Zhong took her hand and gently led her out. She tried to walk right by us so I jumped up and went to see her. Then it happened....complete melt down. Worse one that I have ever seen. My poor baby didn't just cry, she SCREAMED!!!! She screamed and fought with me for so long and so hard that I thought that she would get sick aagin. Finally she settled down and stopped crying after what seemed like forever. She allowed me to hold her tight, as I had been doing the whole time. She is so shy and timid even with Ms. Zhong. If anyone spoke to her she just lowered her head and turned her head to me. Daddy was a nono until about 5 minutes ago when he started playing cars with her and now he has her laughing. What an incredibly cute laugh she has.

On the car ride to the store she got sick again, so we told the guide to take us and the other couple with us back to the hotel. So she has already christened me as her Momma by throwing up on me. :D

When we got back to the hotel we headed straight for the room so that I could get her soiled clothes and her incredibly stinky diaper off. I know that the last thing you should do right away is take them out of their clothes, but I did. I had to. They were extremely yucky! Next bad thing to do is the bath, and yep, I broke that rule too. Into the bath she went. She was amazed! Then Daddy added bubbles and she was in wonderland! She has obviously never been in a tub and has never seen bubbles. She stayed in for quite some time just playing away. Daddy went to do some paper work and I just watched her smiling and laughing away. After tubby we got some lotion on (another moment she loved) and then put our jammies on.

She has been amazing ever since. She has played with her toys, laughed at cartoons and even danced to the songs. She has jumped because she was excited and she has discovered that she likes Cheerios. Oh, and Skittles too! Thanks for the heads up on that Angela. Although they brought some from the orphanage too. She has even learned how to drink out of a sippy cup. That was very humorous to watch. All this and she has only been with us for three and a half hours. She is actually doing better than even Ashlyn did when we met her. Praising God for answered prayers.

Daddy waiting to meet Makinley 

Poor baby was scared to death

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