Friday, January 6, 2012

Medical Exam

We headed out this morning for Makinley's medical exam. It was the coldest today that it has been since we arrived here, and it has been cold most days. Today was raining and cold...brrrrr. My girl is a trooper though. She is doing so well bonding with me. She even gave me kisses this morning on her own when I got her out of bed..swoon..what a lovie!!!

So we arrived at the medical clinic and she was extremely nervous, again. As soon as she saw the nurse and the doctors in the white coats she totally lost it. Screaming Mama, Mama, Mama and flinging her body all over the place. A bit like she did for me on Gotcha day. It took me and a male doctor to try to hold her down just so he could check her heart and her body. We were not doing so well at keeping that little buggar still. Did I mention before that this child has super human strength. Our poor guide tried to help me hold her for her ear check and was shocked at how strong she was. So we screamed and pitched a fit through the whole exam. You can only imagine the TB test....but as soon as she was done with each station I was able to calm her down. The rest of the afternoon whenever we would enter a building (for lunch or shopping) she would get so paniced. Poor baby.

She also decided today that Daddy was not one of her favorite people. Poor Daddy. But this evening he got her in the tubby and has been playing with her for awhile with the bubbles and toys. I guess he is on her good side again.

We found another food place in the hotel called Food Street. It has all chinese food and it is actually pretty good. It really is reasonably priced too. We have eaten there twice now. Our guide will be showing us some other restaurants nearby tomorrow. Although it is just too yucky to go walking outside right now anyways.

This is a normal sight.  People carrying oversized loads balanced on their bikes.  It just amazes us.

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