Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Trip So Far

On the first, we ended up spending most of the day in our room. We had a very relaxing day just catching up on some reading and watching tv. We headed out to find some lunch and walked around the city for a while. We ended up coming back to the McDonald's next door to the hotel for lunch. It actually tasted just like McDonald's to our surprise. We do not typically eat at McDonald's but it was a decent lunch, none the less.

After lunch we realized that we definitely need to find some restaurants around the hotel because we did not want to end up eating McDonald's for two weeks! Unfortunately there are no other restaurants that we would eat at around our hotel. There are a couple of local restaurants, but we have learned in the past that if the guide does not recommend it, you should not go there. We ended up eating dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel. Our dinner, which consisted of a not so good club sandwich and a not so good hamburger, both with fries and a drink, ended up costing us $40 (US). That was rediculous and now we are back to only having McDonald's.
Today we met up with our group and headed over to Shamain Island for some shopping. It is our favorite place in Guangzhou. Last trip, our hotel was actually on the island so there was a nice place to walk and a handful of good western restaurants to eat at. We could not wait to get to eat at Lucy's again. The food was great and the atmosphere is wonderful. We sat outside to eat lunch and watch all the people in the park. This was one of the things that we have missed about our last trip to China.

On the way back to the hotel our guide told us that Papa John's delivers to the hotel and the delivery charge is only about $1(US). So guess what we ordered for dinner tonight :D

Tomorrow we will be sight seeing and we will post some pictures. Donny did not remember to upload the pictures from yesterday, so sorry, no pictures for this post.

Sleep has been our problem. We have not yet adjusted to the time difference. On the first day we were tired by 3:00pm and finally went to bed at 9:00pm. We only stayed up that late because we had to wait until 8:00am to call back home. There is a 13 hour time difference.  Hopefully we will do better tonight.

Thank you for all of the emails. We read them a couple of times a day. We are so excited when we see one in our inbox. Keep them coming. They make our day!

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