Monday, August 31, 2009

Looks Like October..... when we will be going to Ch*na to get our baby girl. Our agency let me know that our TA was not in this package. October 29th is only 8 1/2 more weeks from now. That is not too bad. I am actually relieved to know WHEN we will actually be going. I feel like I just went to my OBGYN and they gave me my induction date!! I am actually very happy!

Keep praying for my little girl. We are going to Ch*na soon!

Today is the BIG Day!!!!! is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting for this day forever!! Today we will find out if we leave on September 10th or on October 29th. We are perfectly ok with either one, we just want to know which it is going to be!

I am so glad that we have such an amazing God in control of this whole process. I know that I, personally, would have messed it up long ago. God knows what is best for our WHOLE family. I am very excited to see what He says to us today! What a great birthday present for me!!!!!

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got News...

...but not great. Our agency received the package today with the TAs and ours was not in there. They do have another package coming on Monday with TAs. This will be our last chance to go in September. We are praying that Monday is a very good day for us. Being that my birthday is on Wednesday next week, it would be an awfully great present from my dear Heavenly Father to receive our TA!!

Urgent Prayer for Friend

I have to let everyone know about an urgent prayer request from a bloggy friend of mine. You can visit her web site here to get all of the details. They have been through more than enough this year. It all started when their house burnt down this past winter, then it just seems they have been attacked with one thing after the other. They are currently right behind us in the process to adopt Jubilee from Ch*na. They have received their LSC and now are trying to go through all of the things required to get Travel Approval. Ch*na just contacted their agency yesterday and told them that it was taking too long and they are taking back the referral for their daughter. They will not be allowing them to adopt her! Again, please go to her site here to get a more detailed explanation. They are very godly people and I know that God will be glorified in this situation!!


The little girl that had to be left in Ch*na because of the TB issue is now safe at home in Am*rica!! Thank you ALL for praying for this beautiful little girl...God moved MOUNTAINS!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Doll For My Baby

Thanks to sweet Ann at Red Threads,
I just sent my baby this.....
Momma is coming soon!!

Latest News....

I follow a blog, Rum*r Que*n, to get an idea of where we stand with other families who are also waiting for TA at this point. On Monday Travel Approvals came in for the first time since August 3rd. Apparently the person that signs all of the approvals was on vacation for two weeks (yes, they only have one person to sign all approvals). I also know that Travel Approvals are coming in on Friday. Currently we are #11 on the chart of those who have waited the longest. We are almost there! I also want to tell you that Ch*na does not go in order when they issue Travel Approvals. I am expecting that most of the people above us will get Travel Approval this Friday, although I doubt that all of them will. We have a shot of being in this group. If we are not in this group we will have to wait and see if they are going to send out Travel Approvals for next week..they may not. We should know by next Monday if they are sending any. Since it takes three days to get here, our agency knows when they are getting a package. So that is where we are. We could be in the package for Friday, if not, our last shot would be a package coming at the beginning of next week.

Thank you all for praying for us and our little girl. We have never had so many people praying for us, so we know that if we do not get to travel in September God has a very good reason.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Started Packing....

In hopes of getting our Travel Approval in the next 10 days, I have pulled out one of our suitcases and started packing and checking things off the list. It is a very odd feeling to be packing and not knowing when you are going to be leaving. I don't even know what kinds of clothes to bring for her yet because if we leave in September she will need mostly shorts. If we leave at the end of October she will need pants. So I am trying to get everything together other than the clothes. I will definitely have to do some shifting of things if we are only taking two checked suitcases. Weight limits on the suitcases will be something to watch for, but I will deal with that after I have the clothes in them. So that is what I am up to today.

I did get Ashlyn's room finished this weekend ~ minus some accessories. Never the less, it is ready for her now. I can't believe that it is finally going to be our turn!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Stop!!

This morning I received an email from the Am*rican Consul*te that our Article 5 has been approved and our paper work is being shipped off to Be*jing!!

We need our Travel Approval by September 3 to be able to travel on September 10th. That is only 16 days from now. Please pray with us for God's will on when we should travel to get our beautiful baby girl. My arms ache so much to hold her.

Thank you all for being such a blessing to us at this point in our journey. Your prayers and kind words keep us going even when, at times, it seems like we will never get there.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paperwork Found!

All I have to say is that a lot of you must have been praying yesterday for our paperwork because we received an email this morning that it has been found and is being processed! They will let us know when our Article 5 has been approved. We are almost there!

With all my heart...THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Status

We are still waiting to hear back from the Am*ric*n C*nsulate. Apparently they can not find half of our paperwork. We thought that we had everything taken care of. It appears that was not so. We know the paperwork is in their office somewhere. God just needs to show them where it is.

My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation;
He is my defense;
I shall not be moved.
In God is my salvation and my glory;
The rock of my strength,
And my refuge, is in God.
Trust in Him at ALL times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us.
Psalm 62:5-8

Monday, August 10, 2009

Visas Done..We are Ready to Go...Someday..

Well, I just signed for our F*d Ex package that contained our Visas in our passports for Ch*na! We are now ready to go get our baby girl...that is if we could get our Travel Approval.

Speaking of that, we do have a little hiccup that I found out about today. I don't want to get into details (because, you see, God is already handling it) but just lift up a prayer that we will be able to travel in September. We would appreciate it so much. I do LOVE my FRIEND at my agency, who I know is on the ball, and already had things in the work before this hiccup was known to us. God is so incredible to see to every detail and one day I would love to sit down and write out every one of those details that have seen us through this adoption process. I do know that our time to get Ashlyn is set in stone and nothing anybody does can change it. God knows best and I trust Him completely. Our little girl is safe and He has shown us that numerous times. So I have a huge peace about her staying where she is for right now. I also know that when it is our time to go and get her, it will be magical, whether it is in September or October.

Oh and for a certain someone who reads my blog from my agency, you are my special friend too! Can not wait to get back to you!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Leaving China without Their Daughter

Here is an update on the family who is trying to get a waiver to bring their four year old little girl, whom they have just adopted, home from Ch*na. You can read their personal blog here.

New rules from the CDC now require newly adopted children to be tested for TB before being allowed to leave their country of origin. This little girl tested positive a month ago, but no one except her orphanage knew. (They were unaware of the new CDC rules.) They began medically treating the child, who is now no longer contagious. Children cannot pass TB via cough anyway, because they are unable to cough hard enough to bring the germ up from their lungs. I said, this child IS NOT CONTAGIOUS. She has been denied a visa to the US. Her parents, who have a child back home waiting for them, can not stay in China due to both needing to go back to work. The CDC said their newly adopted daughter needed to have a sputnum test--which she did--and it came back negative. Then the CDC said the test was not performed at a facility that they approved, therefore it could not be accepted. Their facility will take weeks to complete the testing.

Many calls and emails have been made, but it came down to the decision of the top man at the CDC and he refused to grant a waiver to keep this little girl with her family. If this child had been a biological child, she would not have been prevented from going home. Her parents have had no choice but to leave this little one in China with another family until all the CDC requirements have been met. This is a new law by the CDC, and will no doubt start to affect other families in the adoption process.

Please watch the video on their blog of them having to tell her they have to leave. It is heart wrenching! I can not believe the injustice that is being handed to this precious little girl!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revised Packing List

Thank you all for helping me with things to add or take off on my previous packing list. I have come up with a NEW and IMPROVED packing list! Here goes....

Baby Medicine
-Mylicon Drops
-Vicks Baby Vapo rub
-Hydrocortison cream
-Zythromax (prescription from Doctor - do not constitute)
-Medicine dosing chart and medicine dispenser

Adult Medicines
-Prescription from Doctor (broad spectrum)
-Any prescriptions you regularly take
-Dayquil / Nyquil
-1 pkg. throat drops
-Eye drops

Baby Stuff
-Nail clippers
-Johnson Baby wash cloths
-Sippy cup
-Disposable spoons
-Disposable bowls
-Diaper bag
-Disposable changing pads
-Gerber snacks
-M&ms (for Gotcha Day)
-Baby food prunes

Everything Else
-Alarm clock
-2 Cameras
-Camera memory cards
-Neck pillows
-Bag clips
-Band aids
-Back Pack
-2 boxes gallon ziplock bags
-Antibacterial wipes
-Hand sanitizer
-Packets of laundry detergent
-Hair products and gadgets
-Neck money holder
-Small scissors
-Clothes and shoes for all

I have already started to pick up things from the store and put them in a pile. I am trying to pace myself. I don't want to freak my husband out too much. He believes that I am starting too early (men!). I told him that all of you have told me to get a move on and he said (jokingly) that those of us (women) that adopt are all of the same crowd. I took that as a compliment!! Hopefully we will be leaving 5 weeks from today! If not, it will be 12 weeks from today.....come on TA!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Important Update on Family in China

This was posted on the blog of the family stuck in Ch*na because of TB

We genuinely appreciate everyone's help and support; the outpouring of emails and help for us has been overwhelming, and we are truly, deeply gratified. We ask now, that at least for the next day or so, everyone making phone calls to various agencies and the CDC, PLEASE STOP FOR THE MOMENT. The agencies have a very big decision to make today and tomorrow, and they need the peace of mind and clarity to concentrate on doing the right thing. For work to continue forward at this point on our case, the CDC and all other agencies involved need to be freed up from emails and phone calls. We are under the impression that this could have a favorable ending, so again, PLEASE STOP ALL PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS. Please post this to any blogs that you may have posted to in the past, or any forums, or in any emails you may have sent. It is urgent that, for the moment, these emails and phone calls stop.The next two days are critical, pray for us, think good thoughts for us, and send some positive energy our way, we can surely use it right now. We want Harper on the plane with us on Friday!

Thank you,
Jay, Candace and Harper

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Four Boys Kidnapped! Terrible Story!

The little boy, Mukenya, in the gray shirt has been kidnapped, along with three other little boys. It was witnessed by the boy in the green..please read to see how you can help.
This information was posted on a blog that I follow. They personally know these people who are working in Afr*ca to help the orphans. Please read the following from Linn's blog and pray about fasting with the rest of us on August 5th for these boys to be freed from their captures.
Sunday night was the first night of the "gradual" home program. The night before the program was to start (Saturday evening) they had a huge Praise and Worship celebration. It was night of great rejoicing. The first children had been selected to begin their transition off the streets by being part of the "gradual" home and Sunday night the program would begin. After the night of praise and celebration though something horrible happened. The details are still not completely known, but four little boys (ages 4 to 12) were kidnapped from the new program. A fifth little boy fought off the men and has been deeply traumatized. They do know that the kidnappers were all caucasions, except for one Ugandan. It is believed that the boys were kidnapped to be taken for child trafficking. There is no doubt that the enemy of these little boys souls hates them being taken off the streets and put in a loving "gradual" home where they will hear about Jesus and meet him personally. He hates that their lives will be forever changed. He hates that they will learn the meaning of family, in hopes of one day being adopted.
Sunday morning we got a desperate phone call and email asking us to pray, asking us to spread the word to pray, asking us to post it on the blog and asking us to ask all who have a heart for the orphan to beg God with us for the safe return of these little boys. These little boys have already been victimized more in their short life than we could ever imagine. They had gradually been learning how to trust. We are reminded that on many occasions throughout scripture God released the prisoners who were being held. He intervened on their behalf. It is clear that God's heart is for the orphan and His will is that there would be no orphans anywhere. I have heard many say that they are unable to adopt for one reason or another...but we can all pray and yes, most of us can fast. We can ask God to move heaven on behalf of these orphans. We can ask God to free these little boys. We can ask Him to reveal these evil people and their evil plot against these precious little boys.

Please FAST August 5, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed for a Family in China!

I just received this message on one of my group's postings. Please pray for this family. Ashlyn will also have to go through the TB testing when we go and get her. She should be fine, she has had the BCG already when she was two weeks old.

This family (James Scruggs and Candace Litchford) who are in China, and have already had Gotcha Day, are requesting help. They did not find out until after they were in China that their new daughter had already tested positive for Active TB. They are now in a very difficult situation, as they cannot bring her back to the U.S.

I am sorry that I have to write this email to you, but we are obligated to try everything in our power to help our daughter get out of China. My wife, Candace Litchford, and I are currently in China in the midst of an adoption of a 4 1/2 year old girl named Guang Yue Ye (her American name will be Harper Yue Ye Scruggs). After the adoption was completed on the Chinese side (she is our legally adopted daughter according to China), we were provided information that she had 2 months ago been diagnosed with tuberculosis, a diagnosis made through blood tests, chest x-rays, and skin tests. She was tested again a few days ago via skin PPD test and with another chest x-ray, both once again confirming the tuberculosis. We were not provided this information prior to travelling to China, and now we are in the awful position of being the parents of this poor girl and not being able to bring her back to the US. To backtrack a bit, as of July 1 the CDC/DHS has a new regulation requiring all immigrants to pass a TB screening, and if they fail the screening, they are required to wait until full treatment is administered in the country of origin before coming to the US. We have been advised by both our pediatrician and our international adoption specialist (Dr. Patrick Mason of the International Adoption Centerin Fairfax, VA) that since Yue Ye has been taking a triad of anti-TB drugs for over a month, she is not contagious. We have obtained letters from our pediatrician indicating their intent to continue monitoring and treatment for Harper's condition. Yet even with all of this and filling out the required Class A 601 Waiver Form, we have been told it will take over 6months for the form to be processed by the CDC/DOS/DHS. There is a waiver process, and our adoption coordinator Irene Jordan at Adoptions Together has been communicating along with us with our local congressman Jim Moran of VA, as well as with the various consulates and agencies involved. The problem with the waiver process is that it requires clean (negative) sputum tests for TB before travel. The sputum tests themselves take 6 weeks for a result, and if they are positive, two more months must pass before taking the tests again, and so on, in addition to the approval time required for the waiver. We have had our daughter in our possession here for some time now, and she has bonded quite strongly with us. We do not have the financial means to stay with her, as it would mean most likely losing our jobs in the US and defaulting on our current financial obligations such as our mortgage, etc. We also have a 6-year old son in the US that we must get back to. We cannot abandon our daughter back to the state-run Chinese orphanage, nor can we stay. It would be extremely cruel to Yue Ye, and we have no way of knowing that she would be provided the treatment she requires. In addition,she would be exposed once again to whatever source it was that infected her with TB in the first place, and we may never get to bring her home. We are left to grasp at whatever straws there may be out there to get our daughter home. The purpose of this email is to ask if you could contact your Senators on our behalf, perhaps finding the immigration caseworker for their office and forwarding this email. Often Senators will not interfere with issues that involve the constituents of other Senators, but please try for us nevertheless. We have also contacted our Senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, but we do not yet know the extent of their help if any. Of course we would be immediately taking Yue Ye to American doctors and treating her once we are in the US; we are no strangers to TB medication, as our first adopted son from Kazakhstan tested positive via skin test and so was put on medication as well.Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

Please visit our blog and view the attached pictures to see what a precious little girl this is. Also, please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think can help in any way. It would seem in every one's best interest for an exception to be made for this little girl under medical duress, so that she can come home and receive the treatment she so desperately needs and be part of a loving family. We would greatly appreciate your help in asking your Senators and Congressmen to intercede on our behalf, and on Harper's behalf. Thanks again,
James Scruggs and Candace Litchford