Monday, August 10, 2009

Visas Done..We are Ready to Go...Someday..

Well, I just signed for our F*d Ex package that contained our Visas in our passports for Ch*na! We are now ready to go get our baby girl...that is if we could get our Travel Approval.

Speaking of that, we do have a little hiccup that I found out about today. I don't want to get into details (because, you see, God is already handling it) but just lift up a prayer that we will be able to travel in September. We would appreciate it so much. I do LOVE my FRIEND at my agency, who I know is on the ball, and already had things in the work before this hiccup was known to us. God is so incredible to see to every detail and one day I would love to sit down and write out every one of those details that have seen us through this adoption process. I do know that our time to get Ashlyn is set in stone and nothing anybody does can change it. God knows best and I trust Him completely. Our little girl is safe and He has shown us that numerous times. So I have a huge peace about her staying where she is for right now. I also know that when it is our time to go and get her, it will be magical, whether it is in September or October.

Oh and for a certain someone who reads my blog from my agency, you are my special friend too! Can not wait to get back to you!

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