Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Stop!!

This morning I received an email from the Am*rican Consul*te that our Article 5 has been approved and our paper work is being shipped off to Be*jing!!

We need our Travel Approval by September 3 to be able to travel on September 10th. That is only 16 days from now. Please pray with us for God's will on when we should travel to get our beautiful baby girl. My arms ache so much to hold her.

Thank you all for being such a blessing to us at this point in our journey. Your prayers and kind words keep us going even when, at times, it seems like we will never get there.


Karin said...

Snoopy dance o'joy!!! Hooray!!! SO happy to hear this news and praying for you all!

Gretchen & Craig said...

Hi Gretchen, I'm excited that you found our blog. :o) I pray that your TA will come soon. I can honestly say I think that was the worst part of the wait because we were so close and so far away at the same time. Enjoy your trip, I can't wait to read about it! :o)

Cari Bacon said...

OHHH...I have butterflies in my stomach! I'm so excited for you!! Praying for fast TA.

Shannon said...

YAHOOO!!!!! Celebrating from ICU over here!!!!!! SO excited to see you with Ashlyn in your arms!!!!! By the way I keep meaning to email you that the sling I had is a Hotsling (you can get them at Target) and it was the BEST thing I brought with me. I would tuck a cold water bottle in it between Georgia & I sometimes to keep us cooler too.
So excited for you!!!!