Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revised Packing List

Thank you all for helping me with things to add or take off on my previous packing list. I have come up with a NEW and IMPROVED packing list! Here goes....

Baby Medicine
-Mylicon Drops
-Vicks Baby Vapo rub
-Hydrocortison cream
-Zythromax (prescription from Doctor - do not constitute)
-Medicine dosing chart and medicine dispenser

Adult Medicines
-Prescription from Doctor (broad spectrum)
-Any prescriptions you regularly take
-Dayquil / Nyquil
-1 pkg. throat drops
-Eye drops

Baby Stuff
-Nail clippers
-Johnson Baby wash cloths
-Sippy cup
-Disposable spoons
-Disposable bowls
-Diaper bag
-Disposable changing pads
-Gerber snacks
-M&ms (for Gotcha Day)
-Baby food prunes

Everything Else
-Alarm clock
-2 Cameras
-Camera memory cards
-Neck pillows
-Bag clips
-Band aids
-Back Pack
-2 boxes gallon ziplock bags
-Antibacterial wipes
-Hand sanitizer
-Packets of laundry detergent
-Hair products and gadgets
-Neck money holder
-Small scissors
-Clothes and shoes for all

I have already started to pick up things from the store and put them in a pile. I am trying to pace myself. I don't want to freak my husband out too much. He believes that I am starting too early (men!). I told him that all of you have told me to get a move on and he said (jokingly) that those of us (women) that adopt are all of the same crowd. I took that as a compliment!! Hopefully we will be leaving 5 weeks from today! If not, it will be 12 weeks from today.....come on TA!!!!


McNew Family said...

Disposable bibs are a really good idea to bring and a stool softener - for both your sweetie and for you. The change in diet can be dramatic and it is no fun to be constipated! Oh - I see it is on your list! Have fuN! And NO, it is NOT too early to pack!

Karin said...

Baahahahhaaa about your husband. Mine never packed a THING until the night before we left. I started packing weeks before. There is SO much to take and remember. I had a corner of our room that was the 'staging area' and my husband just put up with it. :) Praying for a 5 week departure date!! :)