Monday, August 24, 2009

Started Packing....

In hopes of getting our Travel Approval in the next 10 days, I have pulled out one of our suitcases and started packing and checking things off the list. It is a very odd feeling to be packing and not knowing when you are going to be leaving. I don't even know what kinds of clothes to bring for her yet because if we leave in September she will need mostly shorts. If we leave at the end of October she will need pants. So I am trying to get everything together other than the clothes. I will definitely have to do some shifting of things if we are only taking two checked suitcases. Weight limits on the suitcases will be something to watch for, but I will deal with that after I have the clothes in them. So that is what I am up to today.

I did get Ashlyn's room finished this weekend ~ minus some accessories. Never the less, it is ready for her now. I can't believe that it is finally going to be our turn!!

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Cari Bacon said...

How exciting!! Just from past experience, you may want to stick to the pants for either month or take a risk of getting scolded from the locals that your daughter is not properly dress for the weather. We had this happen to us b/c Cali didn't have a sweater on and it was a warm day in the province where we were. We were all completely comfortable, but you know how they like their layers on the children.