Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Leaving China without Their Daughter

Here is an update on the family who is trying to get a waiver to bring their four year old little girl, whom they have just adopted, home from Ch*na. You can read their personal blog here.

New rules from the CDC now require newly adopted children to be tested for TB before being allowed to leave their country of origin. This little girl tested positive a month ago, but no one except her orphanage knew. (They were unaware of the new CDC rules.) They began medically treating the child, who is now no longer contagious. Children cannot pass TB via cough anyway, because they are unable to cough hard enough to bring the germ up from their lungs. I said, this child IS NOT CONTAGIOUS. She has been denied a visa to the US. Her parents, who have a child back home waiting for them, can not stay in China due to both needing to go back to work. The CDC said their newly adopted daughter needed to have a sputnum test--which she did--and it came back negative. Then the CDC said the test was not performed at a facility that they approved, therefore it could not be accepted. Their facility will take weeks to complete the testing.

Many calls and emails have been made, but it came down to the decision of the top man at the CDC and he refused to grant a waiver to keep this little girl with her family. If this child had been a biological child, she would not have been prevented from going home. Her parents have had no choice but to leave this little one in China with another family until all the CDC requirements have been met. This is a new law by the CDC, and will no doubt start to affect other families in the adoption process.

Please watch the video on their blog of them having to tell her they have to leave. It is heart wrenching! I can not believe the injustice that is being handed to this precious little girl!

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