Friday, January 6, 2012

Red Couch

While we were on Shamain Island today we went into the White Swan (mainly to stay warm). Even though the hotel is closed, the first two floors are open with their shops and restaurant. That meant that we could get our "Red Couch" pictures.

Sleeping is also getting better, thank you all for asking. I think we are on a normal schedule now. Makinley has slept great both nights too.

We LOVE the emails! I try to respond, but I know that there are several that we have read that I have not responded to. I am sorry, but please keep emailing us. We are half way through the trip, but we are already ready to go home. Our children are missing us a lot too and that makes it hard. Your emails give us something to look forward to in the mornings and evenings.

For the Z families, our guide is trying to set up a day to visit so when I know I will let you know. Or guide was sick so we have had another guide the past 4 days. Now that she is back she will set up the visit.