Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Only Seven Hours

It is very surreal to think that we will be meeting our sweet girl in only seven hours! We are very excited and just can not wait to see who she really is. Please pray for Makinley. This will be the scariest day of her life. She has lived at the orphanage all of her life and she knows nothing else. She will be traveling 2 hours to get here. Pray for God's protection and a peace to fill her. Let her just 'know' that we are her family. We prayed these things for Ashlyn when we adopted her and God was truly faithful. Praying for that same outcome today.

So, many of you have emailed me and asked where we are staying. We are at the China Hotel (Marriott). Last time we stayed at the White Swan. This hotel is only 10 years old so it is a lot newer and more modern than the White Swan was. The room is a little larger than our room at the WS, but it is prettier and we have a regular king size bed this time instead of two twin beds that were low to the floor. The bathroom is nicer too. However, the location is not as good. We would much rather be on the island again. Here you are in the city. There is a park across the street with a tunnel that runs from the hotel to the park. We have not seen it yet. I am sure once it warms up and is not raining (it is suppose to rain tomorrow and the next day) that we will go over there with Makinley. There is also a 7-11 attached to the back of the China Hotel, for those of you that will be staying here soon. We bought our water and snacks there.

So as soon as we get back to the room and get settled in I will try to post pictures of our Family Day! Then, of course, we will be skyping with our children back home so that they can meet their baby sister.

Love the emails!! Thank you all for praying for us and supporting us!

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