Friday, April 3, 2009

6 Days

Has it only been 6 days? It sure does feel like it has been a lot longer than a week. I can't believe a week ago I saw my sweet baby's face for the first time. This week has been a very long and busy week. Thankfully, I did get caught up with the kid's homeschooling. At least I'm not behind in that. Now I am finding that I already need to plan for when we will start next year's schedule because we should be travelling to China right around the time school is suppose to start. Everyone tells me that five to six months is a long time to wait to travel. When you have four at home that are homeschooled it really won't be that long. I know I will be using every day that I have to prepare in one way or another. I have so many lists going that it is hard to keep up with which one is which. Today has been a slower place, which I welcome. I actually got a full night sleep last night. So hopefully this weekend can be somewhat normal and then I will be ready to tackle next week.

Please pray for a quick pre-approval (PA). Like I said, we are day 6. I think they are taking about 10 -14 days right now. As soon as we get PA I will post more information and her picture!


Karin said...

I think you are right that the time will go pretty fast. It did for us because we were so busy! I am list maker too, so that made me smile. can even find other people's China lists know, just in case you forget something. :)BTW, I like all your news pictures of you and hubby. :)

Cari Bacon said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new daughter! I'm sure the time will go by fast, since you have other children to occupy your time.

You're brave to home school. I don't have the patience for it, and I think my kids would develop some type of disorder by the time I was done with their education. :)

Jessica Ruud said...

I can't wait!!!
I'm so excited for you!