Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Leave Tomorrow

Today is the last day we will have at home with the kids. We will "sneak" out tonight after they are all tucked into bed (minus my 14 year old ~ he stays up too late). We have a 7:20 flight out of Tampa tomorrow morning and we will fly to Newark for a short layover. After that it is almost a 15 hour flight to Beijing. We will arrive in Beijing at 1:50 pm on Friday (1:50 am Friday for everyone at home).

Please pray for safe travel and good health for us and the kids at home while we are gone. Please also be praying for Ashlyn. We will get her on Monday at 3:00pm (3:00 am for most of you). This is going to be a huge transition for this precious little girl. We have all fallen in love with her over the past 7 months, but she has not been waiting for us. This will change the world as she knows it and I am sure that she will be terrified. We are praying that God will give her an amazing peace and just know that we love her and that there is security in us. we go!! I will post again on Friday (since we will be flying ALL DAY Thursday).

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