Monday, October 26, 2009

Only One More Hour

....and we will finally meet Ashlyn!!

Thank you all for the comments. They mean a lot when you are half way around the world and you can go all day and not see another foreigner.

The people here are super nice and extremely helpful. It is very upsetting to think that if things were switched they would not get the same treatment from people in the States.
I am a sight to see, apparently. I have never been looked at so obviously in my life. It is quite funny to actually see people walk by, break there neck looking and then actually come back and stare to make sure they are seeing what they think they are seeing. Blondes are quite a sight to them. Even with that they are not being rude, just super curious. Wait until they see me carrying Ashlyn around tomorrow. That should attract even more attention.

So in one hour we will be heading down stairs to a room to meet Ashlyn. ONE HOUR!!! I can not believe that it is finally our turn. I have followed so many of you to get your children, that I can not believe that it is now my turn. I am super excited!! Donny is doing great. We are so ready for this.

Next post will be with amazing pictures of our baby girl...until then...

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