Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Number of the Day is....

Ok...this is the first time that I am sitting at this computer updating our countdown and have a great deal of butterflies in my stomach!
We are packed, except every day things, but I still feel like I have so much to do, even though I don't. I feel like I am forgetting something...WAIT...that would be my children!!
I am really feeling the Mommy heart tugs now. I HATE the fact that I will be leaving them for 17 days! It really makes my stomach upset. I am not worried about them. I am just going to miss all of those hugs and kisses. Hope skyping with them helps!
And here is what you have been waiting for...our link to follow us on our trip.
I will post it the next few days so all you have to do is come to this site to click on the link to get there. Or, you can add it to your favorites. (I think you can even subscribe to it..don't remember).


Karin said...

Yipee!! I remember those butterflies in the stomach so well. So excited for you all!

Cari said...

Sheesh! You just made me get butterflies, too! :)