Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is IT!!!!!

Today is our last day home with the kids.

Tonight we will spend the night at a hotel near the airport so we can hop on a very early flight.

From this point on I will post at

I'll be back here in 17 days (or so)!!!


Karin said...

I have butterflies in my stomach for you!!!! OH my gosh...I just can't wait for you to get to China!! I will be waiting breathlessly by the computer!! Have fun in Beijing--you will love it!! And before long, you will have sweet Ashlyn in your arms. :))))

Valerie and Jeff said...

God speed to Ashlyn!
And we'll be checking in on the other travel site and SO looking forward to that ... and maybe photos?! We will be praying you all home again soon ... although it will be all of you plus one! I cannot imagine the excitement in your household (minus the tears from being apart.)
The sweetness of ALL being HOME again ... oh taste and see that the Lord is good!

TanyaLea said...


Happy Travels, My Dear Friend!! <><