Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Want to Join a Baby Shower?

Want to join a baby shower for a great cause? Click here and see what it is all about!!

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Valerie and Jeff said...

Ashlyn is SUCH a beautiful name ... had our last son been a girl, well, we planned to use the name Ashlyn. Alas, it was not used.
But we are VERY blessed with our Nolan! :-)
It's so funny how I clicked over to your site from Georgia's site (the Miller's). I found their blog in March or April this year when I was trying to find information on adoption. Someone in my blog chain had Georgia's blog in their "following" sidebar and I was blown away to read that name. You see Georgia is a name I have always been fond of and it is not very common around here. I felt like it was a sign from above to keep going in my search ... besides it's a way cool name and I have been so blessed in following her family's journey to her. Well, I was on her site today wishing to see that photo of the one blue shoe and saw your comment and couldn't believe seeing the name Ashlyn in your comment. Another way cool name that strikes so close to my heart. If you don't mind I'd love to follow your journey to Miss Ashlyn and pray for you all. Your travel sounds so very close, and yet miles away in other ways I'm sure. Please be welcomed to visit our blog. Blessings and Best Wishes for your travel to Ashlyn.