Monday, September 28, 2009

24 Days

As of today we only have 24 days left until we hop on a plane and start out on the most amazing miracle of our lives!! My mind has still not wrapped around the fact that we really are leaving in 24 days. I think that we have been in "wait" mode so long that my mind has gone numb to anything actually being a reality as far as this adoption is concerned. Also, with this being our first adoption, how can you honestly wrap your mind around something like this. The idea of going somewhere and bringing home a child is very foreign to my brain. It seems very surreal. I even had a dream last night that we went to go meet our daughter and they told us that she was no longer available and we could have this child (as a child I have never seen was pushed into my arms). What a horrible dream...and one where when you wake up you have to think, "Was that real?" "Did that just happen?" Needless to say, I could not sleep after that.

But the reality is that we ARE leaving in 24 days and I will finally get to touch my precious miracle that God has given us! I truly can not wait for that moment. I am looking forward to finding out who my daughter really is. God is so good and so amazing. I love that His plans are always so much better than anything that I could ever come up with on my own!


Cami said...

I'm soooo excited for you!!!! Ahhh! I hope and pray you have a wonderful and safe journey!!! We just re-arranged Cali's room to get ready for all we need is Sami!!!

Karin said...

Twenty-four days are going FLY by!! I can't wait!!! I remember when we got to China the first time. It was night and I just felt like I was in a dream. We have video of me saying to Jeff, 'Can you believe it? We're really here. In China...Getting our baby." And then after we got home, I would see her sitting on the floor playing and think, 'Wow...she is REALLY here. She's no longer just a dream. She's here." It took so long for it to seem real. :)

I just can't wait for you to experience the same thing!!

Cari Bacon said...

It's one of the most amazing experiences you'll ever have, Gretchen!! I can hardly wait for you to go 24 days...that's just barely over 3 weeks...WOW!!