Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There is Always a Reason

I am writing this post to let those of you out there know that God ALWAYS has a reason for the answers that He gives us, even when we don't understand. We knew with all of our hearts if we did not get TA yesterday it was for a very good reason, whether we knew what is was or not. Some things have been coming to our attention that completely explain why we did not get TA yesterday. Although the BIGGEST reason of all just came to my attention. I was reading some posts on RQ to see how many people received their TA yesterday, and on the list I follow 11 people received their TAs!! That is a LOT of TAs at once. It also bumped us to #5 on the list now (because like I said before in a previous post, they don't go in order). Anyways, today has been a devastating day for some of them because they are finding out that there are no more Consulate Appointment dates available. They will have to travel when we do. I am so glad that I did not get my TA yesterday (never thought that I would say that). I would have much rather been told we have to wait than to get it, think we were travelling in 10 days, and then been told we have to go on October 29th. You see, God has a reason for everything.....even when we do not understand.

My heart really does break for these poor families. I know that if I were them I would be devastated right now. Please pray for these families and all of us who have to wait 8 more weeks to go meet our sweet babies.

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Karin said...

Hugs, sweet friend...and I'm so glad God gave you this comfort.

We have traveled to China in every season and I have to say that my FAVORITE times were the two times we went at the end of October. The weather was FABULOUS--still decent in Beijing and also nice in Guangzhou. You are going at the perfect time for good weather. :) Oh...and clothing will be similar for both climates, so less clothes to pack and more room to take stuff to China for orphans. :)