Sunday, July 5, 2009

Torrential Rain and Flooding in Guangxi, China

Please be in prayer for the people of Southern China. The province of Guangxi has been hit the hardest with massive flooding. This is where our baby girl lives. Our hearts are very heavy for her and the people of this area. We pray that God is holding her tightly in His mighty hand of protection. We cry out to Him for her safety. Please join us in prayer!
For more news articles on this, google ~ guangxi flooding 2009
Update: We did find out that the city that our daughter is in, Yu lin, is fairing well. Thank you all for praying with us. Please continuse to pray for the people that have been affected by this storm.


TanyaLea said...

Thank you for this post...I wasn't aware of the flooding. We will certainly be lifting this province up in prayer and joining our faith with yours and praising God for His hedge of protection over your precious daughter and the other children in her orphanage!

God Bless! <><

Karin said...

Oh wow...praying for your baby girl! I bet Leigh Anne could get you an update--or have someone call the orphanage to make sure they are high and dry. Hugs!!

Laura said...

We just traveled to Guangxi in Feb 2009 to adopt our beautiful Bailey who just turned two. Yulin is the neighboring city to Bobai where Bailey is from. Bailey had her cleft lip surgery done at the Yulin hospital in December of 2007 and they did an amazing job. May God speed your baby girl to you! We fell in love with truly captivated me. Enjoy every minute there!

Laura Clemens