Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ashlyn!!

My sweet baby girl, Happy Birthday! Today you turn TWO!!
We were able to send Ashlyn a Birthday cake, lots and lots of candy, fruit and a toy for her to be able to celebrate her second birthday. We sent it at the end of last month so that we would be able to have enough time to get pictures back for her actual birthday, today. We received eight beautiful pictures of her celebrating with her foster family. It was such a blessing to get pictures with them in it. The love they have for her is obvious and this was such an answer to prayer. I do realize that this might make her transition process with us harder. But right now, I'd rather know that she is being loved on every day and we will just pray and help her through the grief that she will go through, no matter how hard it might be. We love this little girl so deeply! I was so sad last night knowing that it was already her Birthday in Ch*na. I was telling my husband that I hope they are doing something special with her on this amazing day that she came into the world. My sweet, incredible husband came over and hugged me and told me that they already did. "Her Mama couldn't be there for her party, so she sent an amazing party to Ch*na for her daughter. What little girl in Ch*na gets that?" Yes, I do have the most wonderful husband in the world!
Ashlyn, we will be there soon my precious little girl. You are growing so fast without us. Please know that we would have already gotten you if we could have. I hope you have a very special peace from God today. I am sending my love through prayers to you today and praying that we will be able to come and get you in September.



Karin said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Ashlyn!! She is so precious! Praying you can go in September and that God continues to hold her in His arms.

The Harlow's said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little girl. We are praying for you today.


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for sweet Ashlyn! I pray that you surround her with Your love today and that you speed her parents travel to her. I pray that she would grow up to be a woman after Your own heart and that her life would be marked with Your compassion.

Hugs to you Gretchen!!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!
Gretchen, I can tell you from experience, that you sending the birthday package to Ashlyn will mean the world to her later. When we were waiting for Jadyn, we celebrated her birthday here, at home. Made a poster and cake and took tons of photos. She looks at those photos now and is so happy that we had a birthday party for her.
Big hugs to you! Your friend, Debbie

Ashley said...

I am so happy for that little girl!! Not many little girls have such wonderful birthday parties!! Many more to come. Love you all!

Cari Bacon said...

Happy Birthday, Ashlyn! How wonderful that you were able to send the birthday package to the new pictures. September isn't too far away now...still praying.

McNew Family said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

BethPie said...

What precious pictures! I'm so happy she was able to have a celebration for her special day. :o)