Friday, July 17, 2009

Packing List

This is what I have come up with so far. If you have any advice for me please leave me a comment. I know alot of you have already been there done that so I do appreciate your direction.

Baby Medicine:
-Mylicon Drops
-Vicks Baby rub

-Eye Drops

Baby Stuff:
-Nail clippers
-Johnson baby wash cloths
-Sippy cups
-Disposable spoons
-Disposable changing pads

Everything else:
-Alarm clock
-2 Cameras
-Camera memory cards
-Neck pillows
-Bag clips
-Band aids
-Back Pack
-Diaper bag
-2 rolls of toilet paper
-Pillow cases
-2 boxes gallon ziplock bags
-Antibacterial wipes
-Hand sanitizer
-Clothes and shoes for all


TanyaLea said...

Wow...what a list. Hold onto it, as I may be back here reviewing when it's our time to travel! Looks like you are very well organized, so that's good!!

Happy packing! :)

Karin said...

You might want to add suppositories to your list for baby. We have needed them a few times. (Kate ended up needing an enema--but we were in HK by then so I bought it there)

I never took toilet paper--just enough tissue packets to use in the bathroom. Much easier to carry around when you're out and about!

I don't think you'll need pillow cases. All the hotels we used were very clean. :)

If you have a laptop, consider taking it. Most of the hotels have Internet in the room and it is soooo much easier to use your laptop than to go down the business center.

You might want to bring two blankets for baby. They tend to get dirty if you take them out of the room.

Cheerios were a big hit with all but one of our kids. Food talks! :) Great for bonding! :)

I took instant oatmeal packets, with a plastic cup and spoon(s) for us to eat if we just didn't feel like going out. Also good to have were snacks for the plane. The food was um...DISGUSTING.

If you can get your doctor to prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic for Ashlyn, DO IT!! We have needed that a few times. Also, for you...Cipro. It covers sinus infections and Montezuma's Revenge. :)

I took my own formula. Yes, you can get it there, but the kids often come with NOTHING and the last thing you want to do after "Gotcha" is rush out to try to find a store that has what you need. You might want to take at least enough for the first few days (although some of our kids ate almost nothing the first few days).

Can you fit me in your suitcase?!?! :))) I wanna go, too!!! :)

The Harlow's said...

This is a great list. You may want to add paper towels. Just remove the cardboard roller and try to smoosh them into your bag. These work great for little spills in your room.

Also, ask your doctor for dosage information for all of your over the counter medications. You would think after three children I would know this stuff, but I had trouble converting the dosage for her weight. I also took some Delsym for coughs.

I echo the toughts for candy. We found this to be very good at gotcha day. It really helped Tessa to warm up to us and allowed me to care for her. Great Bonding. We also took some large bags of candy for the orphanage. Our daughter was in Nanning and they allowed us to visit with the kids. I am not sure how things are now due to the H1N1 fears.