Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LOTS of Paper!

Today I am printing copies of ALL of the paperwork we have done so far. Three copies of everything to be exact. That is ALOT of paper! I have literally locked myself in my office to do this. I am getting our papers ready to be mailed out today to be Authenticated. I realized that I should also make the copies for the Dossier now too. And of course, I always make a copy for myself. My little desk printer is chugging along. It is really exciting because we are almost done with our paperwork part of the process. After talking to my agency today it seems that USCIS has sped up too and it will not take the 120 days now. (We are on day 48) She said that approvals are coming quick now. That will be one of the last pieces to this puzzle. We are very excited! Now all we need is our referral!

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Karin said...

That is awesome that USCIS is speeding up!! Can't wait for you to get that dossier off to China!