Monday, October 3, 2011

One More Step Checked Off

On Friday I received a phone call from our agency that our I800 was approved on Wednesday, September 28th.  Only three more steps and we can start making plans to go get our sweet little girl!  We anticipate leaving on December 31st and meeting Makinley on January 2nd.  Hopefully everything will continue to go smoothly.


Valerie and Jeff said...

What a GREAT way to start out the New Year 2012! (Although ... I wish you could get a few days ahead of things and make it a 2011 adoption and I'm sure you wouldn't mind that either!)
Either way ... SOON she'll be with you!

Adrian Roberta said...

Gretchen I am so overjoyed that you are moving forward! I am so excited knowing that you'll be on that plane soon. You've 'done' this journey to Makinley with such grace, it's been a joy to have you in the Z Family, we are so blessed to have you Gretchen.


Annie said...

A Christmas to remember indeed!! I can't wait for you to go and get your little sweetie with those chubby chubby cheeks!! I am so happy the time is drawing near!!

Debbie Sauer said...

So excited for you! Looking forward to following along. Blessings, Debbie