Thursday, June 16, 2011

Status Update

Tomorrow I will be sending off all of my documents for my dossier to be Authenticated.  It is the last step in the process of getting my paperwork together.  After these documents are returned to me, I will be sending a great, big package to my agency and they will then send it off to China!!

It was taking about four months from the point that the package was sent until we would be able to travel.  We were thinking that we would be travelling some time in November.  Now the process has slowed down and the Letter Seeking Confirmation has gone from one month to three months!!  This now means that we probably will not be travelling until January.  YUCK!!

Only God knows the exact day that I will meet my sweet Makinley.  I trust in Him and I know that His timing is perfect...even if it doesn't feel like it.


Debbie said...

Yahoo! Another step closer.
Who would have thought, the night you met us at the airport in Jan 2010, that possibly 2 years from then you would be flying home too? (of course I hope and pray that you travel before Christmas).

Karin said...'re getting closer! :) Jan. in China isn't too bad. Done that twice. You will get a kick out of the Christmas decorations mixed with Chinese New Year ones. :)