Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Precious Baby Girl

Today, my baby girl is two years and two months old.  She is waiting for us in an orphanage half a world away (literally).  My heart so longs to hold her.  I pray that this journey to her does not take too long.  But any time away from your child is just too long.

Today I received six pictures of my baby's birthday party.  We sent her a cake so that she could celebrate her belated second birthday.  She turned two right before we actually found her.  Four days before to be exact.  I am so looking forward to celebrating her third birthday at home with her next year.  At home...right where she belongs.

Yes, she does have dots of icing on her cute little face.
(Her nanny put them there.)
Yes, she is wearing a Santa hat the reads,
 "Merry Christmas" in English.
Yes, these pictures were just taken
 this March.
I absolutely adore everything about these wonderful pictures of my beautiful, chunky-cheeked baby girl!


Debbie said...

Just too cute! Priceless. Praying the wait is short and she is home quickly.

Valerie and Jeff said...

What a cutie! And I can imagine that you are pouring over these photos soaking in each and every detail! I pray that the wait goes by quickly and that it is short!

Karin said...

She is adorable! Love the santa hat in March. :) Happy belated Birthday!!

Adrian Roberta said...

I thought that was a Santa hat! Too funny, what a treasure this picture will be in the years to come! It shows such joy and humor in the hearts of her Ayi's!

Love it, and thanks for sharing Lori!