Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Care Package Number One

We are currently awaiting our Pre-Approval from China for Makinley.  We are anticipating that it will be arriving any day now.  In the mean time, I have gathered some items to send to her in her care package.  For Ashlyn's first care package I sent her a toy, an outfit, a photo album, a blanket and some candy for her foster family...along with some cameras, of course.  With Makinley being in an orphanage I did not know exactly what she would be able to keep for just herself, so I limited it to a teddy bear and photo album of her new family.  I am also sending candy for the kids and candy for the nannies.  As always, cameras are in there too.

As far as our paperwork goes, I am almost done with our home study.  We have a couple of items left and then it will be sent to our agency once it is all written up.  I am very happy to have this part almost done.  It is the most tedious part of the whole process.

Having now started an adoption two different ways, I must say that this way seems so much more unnatural (if there is such a thing as natural).  I guess when you do this part first without a referral, you have time for the anticipation to build.  By the time you receive your referral you have been waiting for a while.  This time around we were not waiting to be matched.  We were not even thinking about adopting right now.  God told us that this was His plan for our family and in obedience we stepped forward.  So having her pictures and just now starting the process seems very off.  It also seems like everything is going way to slow.  In actuality it is about the same pace as last time and is moving fairly well.  It just seems so SLOW!!!!!

I know, I need patience.  I don't feel impatient, but I guess I just want it to move we all do.

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Valerie and Jeff said...

I cannot wait for the FULL STORY! But thanks for the continued updates! (I was really hoping that the paperwork was really not that horrible. I know EVERYONE says it's huge and long and at times frustrating. So sorry that it's exhausting.)
Hang in there!