Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 40 and Still Waiting

We are on day 40 of our wait for our LSC (LOA). We are anticipating that we will receive it in the next week or two. At that point we will have 9 - 12 weeks before we travel to get our little girl. So we could possibly be leaving in July! Wow! Back when we sent in our LOI we were thinking that we would be leaving in September or October. The fact that we could possibly be leaving in July sends my head spinning...but in a good way. You see, my baby's birthday is July 30th and she will be turning two!!! I have prayed from the beginning of this adoption that whatever child God gives me, please don't let me miss more than one birthday. Hopefully this is His will.

I have started working on the nursery. Taking down wall paper is easy, getting all of that glue off is another story. Thank goodness it is only one wall. So we are in full gear now to get everything done by July. I have my packing list put together. I don't think I missed anything, but if you want to help me out please feel free to.

I also received my approved addendum to our homestudy today. I'll need it if our LSC comes because I have to mail like a gazillion pieces of paper to USCIS with my I800. Yes, we are a Hague family. So, everything is ready on my end. I just need that coveted piece of paper saying that we can come and get her! Please pray it comes soon! Thank you, all of my amazing bloggy friends!


Tammy said...

40 DAYS!!! You're getting sooo close! :) I would love to travel with you guys, but I'm not going to wish a longer wait on you. :) Praying you're with your baby girl to celebrate her birthday!

Karin said...

Praying it comes soon and you get to celebrate her birthday in China or at home!! :) I've stripped a lot of wallpaper in my, fun. NOT. If you get the glue really wet with hot water, it comes off pretty easily, though.

Post a picture of the nursery when you get it done, ok?

Shannon Miller said...

I'm on pins and needles over here!!!!! Hopefully we hear something soon and get ours girls home to celebrate with them (Georgia's b-day is August 14th)!!!!!