Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Paperwork is Heading to China!

I just talked with our agency and they said that they had received our Dossier. She said that she had already looked through it and it was perfect. So now they will be mailing it off to China on Friday. That will be our Dossier to China date (DTC). China will get it on Monday and we wait for them to give us our Log in Date (LID). This is a very important date for us because we can not lock a file for a child until we have this date. Please pray that this will go smoothly and quickly so that we will be eligible this month when the next shared list comes out. And please pray for God to prepare our daughter for this very traumatic transition that she will soon be going through.

For my friends who are right behind me in this process (you know who you are ~ smile), I will be praying that you finish your paperwork super fast and that you too will be waiting to be matched with your little one from China this month!

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