Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Number of the Day is......

I have a friend who just visited the orphanage today, but she was not able to see Makinley.  I am a bit sad, but I do understand.  We will be there soon and they wanted to focus on seeing children that still have to wait for their families a bit longer.  Praising the fact that there were 11 children on the list for her to go visit.  That means 11 children will have a family!!

My emotions are a bit here and there the past couple of days. It is my favorite time of the year and right after Christmas we get to go and get our baby girl.  I am not feeling overwhelmed, just like I can not focus on one thing.  I want so badly to enjoy Christmas with the kids.  I also want to be as excited as I was when we were leaving to get Ashlyn.  It is kind of weird how I feel. 

I will be happy when in 12 days I am getting on one of many planes to FINALLY head to China.  I am also looking forward to celebrating the New Year alone with my husband in China.  Who gets to say that they were in China on New Year's Eve!!  After all, they did invent the firecracker!!

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soon 2 B 4 said...

What a range of feelings you must be trying to balance! I can only imagine!
So sorry you didn't get an up-date too. I pray that these few days will fly past, but full of Christmas joy and truth for you all as a family!