Monday, November 21, 2011

Feeling Better

Ok, so our TA did not come on Friday and needless to say it was a very bad day for this waiting Momma.

But I am definitely feeling better today.

I have Thanksgiving to prepare for....

Orphan Sunday to prepare for......

Oh, and my agency told me that my TA came today!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am drastically relieved (and that is an understatement)!!!

So we put in to leave on December 31st and we are waiting to make sure that we can get our Consulate Appointment.  Then I can book my flights and it will finally be 'for real"! 
(Those of you waiting or who have waited know exactly what I mean by that.)


Valerie and Jeff said...

Now that puts the THANKS in Thanksgiving!
Of course there is so much to be thankful for ... but when you are waiting for approval to travel for your child ... I can only imagine the angst!
So glad that you received your TA and that things are hopefully progressing on target (or better?)

Debbie Sauer said...

What a great Thanksgiving for you and your family! The best is yet to come. Blessings