Friday, May 13, 2011

Half Way There

Today is day 31 of waiting for my I800a.  The wait is running about 45-55 days right now.  That means that we are more than half way through the wait for approval.  On day 39 we go on vacation and don't get back until day 52.  Sooooo, what I am praying for is that when I return that my approval letter will be in my huge pile of mail waiting for me.  That would just make my day!!

The next step is getting my final papers certified and authenticated.  Then I will send my dossier to my agency and I am calculating that my dossier should be to China by the end of June.  That would be soooooo great!


Annie said...

The long stretches are the hardest! You are getting closer though!

Adrian Roberta said...

You and me are in the same spot here! *sigh* come on LOA!!!