Sunday, April 17, 2011

Over the Moon!!

So we thought that the picture that we received yesterday was fabulous and then this morning I received this......


So happy that others are going to Makinley's orphanage to adopt their children.  Love that while they are there they think of me and get me these amazing gifts....glimpses of my baby girl.

I think that we have watched the video 100 times already.  I think that every time I try and will it to be a little longer.


Valerie and Jeff said...

Obviously she knew it wasn't YOU and that is what upset her! :-)
What a sweetie ... and to hear her little cry/voice. That is such a gift! I wish the clip were longer too ... but such a brilliant taste!

Karin said...

Oh precious is THAT?! so happy for you to have a video!!

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh that cry, sounds so much like a little little newborn's cry to this momma's ears. I can just imagine how you feel so close to travel!


Annie said...

This video is so sweet. She is mad and I do love how she stomps her foot!! Her cry is like a little baby and I know it is just killing you not to go and pick her up, Gretchen! Soon.....