Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy 30 Something Birthday

Ok... Last night I ate way too much at a Cantonese restaurant. I paid my dues today, so I'm done with Chinese food for the rest of the trip. All three of us were feeling under the weather today, so we spent the day in the room. Gretchen ordered a birthday cake this afternoon. It was a good looking cake, but it was covered with fruit, even in the icing. Not exactly our idea of a traditional cake, but it was nice none the less.

It's great to be one day closer to coming home. China is a wonderful place, but we are ready. Guangzhou is a bit more westernized than other parts of China. We don't get the curious stares we did in Nanning, and the food is much better. One thing that is hard to adjust to is how dirty everything is. The air is typically so polluted there are very few days you can see the sky. The water is a dark brown color, with debris constantly floating by. Yet we are told everything is much cleaner than it was just a few years ago.

Sorry we don't have much to speak of today... Pretty slow day. Tomorrow, we head to the open market. It should be interesting, since they sell everything that should or should not be eaten.

On a side note: My nephew, Chris, goes into surgery in a couple of hours to deal with a bone infection. Please keep him in your prayers.

Take care.- Don

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