Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Blessing to my Heart

We have a vase in the kitchen, that the kids have put there, to collect money for their new baby sister's adoption. Yes, I too thought that was a very sweet gesture on their part. It has been sitting on the counter since June. No one has put money in it except my three children. It is now half full with change. When my brother visited a week ago he asked me how much was in the vase. I told him that I had never counted it. My brother and I sat on the floor and we were shocked when we found that the kids had put $60 plus dollars of their money into the "fund". What an amazing blessing that was to my heart! My children do not get much allowance, Lianna and Gabriel get $8 a week between them and Jordan is paid $40 a month for his job. They only keep seventy percent of that to spend. They all have contributed unselfishly to "bring their sister home". I am extremely proud of my children. They amaze me everyday!

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